David Miller
Board Director

A sought-after investor and advisor for companies at the intersection of technology and climate impact, David Miller brings over twenty-five years of technology startup management experience and over twenty years of seed stage investing experience to Clean Energy Ventures as a founding partner. Previously, David was the founder and Ex¬ecutive Managing Director of the Clean Energy Venture Group. Prior to that, he was a Director in the New Ventures Group at Lucent Technologies, and founder and CEO of Quantum Telecom Solutions. David has been on the board of directors of several clean energy companies, including CEV portfolio companies Boston Mate¬rials, Pearl Certification and Volexion, prior portfolio companies Pika Energy, and MyEnergy, and has advised and mentored many others. He is an Advisory Board Member of the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, where he also has an appointment as Research Affiliate, and previously taught electrical engineering at Rutgers University.  He completed his doctorate at MIT where he developed the CleanStart clean energy startup simulator and runs workshops utilizing CleanStart as well as the En-ROADS climate change solutions simulator.  He developed the methodology behind CEV’s Simple Emissions Reduction Calculator (SERC) in order to most quickly and effectively screen which startup companies have the most potential to reduce GHG emissions at scale and supports industry efforts to standardize emission reduction assessments.