Encapsulation Process

Encapsulation Process
  • Conformal Nanoscale Encapsulation, providing Chemical Stability, Mitigating Deleterious Side Reactions, Limiting Cell Impedance Growth and Suppressing SEI Growth

    • 2x Cycle Life

    • 5-10x Power Performance

    • Enhanced Voltage Range, driving 15% Energy Density Improvement

    • Improved Safety and High Temperature Stability

    • Improved Low Temperature Performance

  • Enabling high-energy materials at High Voltage

    • >35% Pack Energy Density Improvement

    • >30% Pack Cost Reduction

    • 10-years leap forward of industry improvement rate

  • Upgrade low-quality/recycled material

    • 35%+ Cathode Material Cost reduction 

    • Enables direct cathode material recycling, Reducing Resource & Energy Needed in Battery Manufacturing