Simon Xue
Technology Advisor

Dr. J. Simon Xue has close to 40 years experience in nuclear chemistry, solid state chemistry, superconductivity and materials for Lithium ion batteries. Within his research career, he has spent 28 years in R&D and manufacturing of Lithium ion battery.

Dr. Xue completed his Ph.D. program in Solid State Chemistry in McMaster University in 1992 and his dost-doctoral fellowship in Argonne National Lab and Professor Jeff Dahn’s research group. In 1995 he joined Ultralife. Owing to his critical technological  contribution in Ultralife’s core battery technology which eventually led to the world first commercialization of polymer Li-ion battery for the ultrathin Notebook PC’s produced by Mitsubishi Electronics in 1997. Later, Dr. Xue led the effort to explore new alkaline battery material as a program manager in Duracell.

Dr. Xue held several senior positions of Director of Research, CTO, and CEO in many U.S. and Chinese research institute and battery manufacturers during last 18 years. He enjoys extensive reputation in the whole product chain of Li-ion battery in China including materials, equipment, cell manufacturing and testing. He has authored or co-authored over 50 scientific articles, 12 patents relevant to battery chemistry and materials.