Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries

Drop-In Graphene Encapsulation for Li-ion Cathode Materials. Drives Comprehensive Performance Improvement, including best in-class energy density vs. today's State of the Art

Specialty applications

Immediate value proposition in power and low-temperature performance (e.g., power tools, drones)

Electric Vehicles

Enabling high-energy materials for longer driving range, improved safety, and lower costs

Low-Cobalt Materials

Comprehensive performance improvement and improved stability, safety of Low-Cobalt materials

Damien Despinoy

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Pistorino

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Hersam

Chief Scientific Officer

Chao Li

Battery Materials Scientist

Nikhil Chaudhari

Battery Materials Scientist

Zehua He

Battery Materials Engineer

Xiaoyu Sui

Research Fellow

Steve Foster

Board Director

David Miller

Board Director

Sara Chamberlain

Board Observer

Jeffery Weiss

Board Observer

Simon Xue

Technology Advisor

Rik Howard

Technology Advisor

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