Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries


Drop-In Graphene Coating for Lithium Battery Cathode Materials. Volexion Drives Comprehensive Performance Improvement, including >35% Energy Density Increase, >30% Battery Cost Reduction, and Moving the Battery Industry 10-years Forward


Drones, Power tools, e-bikes

Immediate value proposition in power and low-temperature performance.

Electric Vehicles

Enabling high-energy materials for longer driving range, improved safety and lower costs

Recycled materials

Comprehensive performance improvement enables direct recycle of cathode materials in new batteries


Damien Despinoy

Chief Executive Officer

"Ted" Jung Woo Seo

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Hersam

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Pedram Jahanian

Research Engineer

Vyasa Shastry

Director of Partnerships

Kyu-Young Park

Research Fellow



Volexion Incorporated

May 01, 2018

Chain Reaction Innovations Program at Argonne National Lab

Learn MoreAug 01, 2018

National Science Foundation STTR Phase I

Jul 01, 2019

Ten at Ten Award from the U.S. DoE

Learn MoreJul 31, 2019

First Industry Purchase Order

Oct 01, 2019

CleanTech Open Accelerator

Jul 01, 2020

US Energy News "40 under 40" Awarded to CEO and CTO

Learn MoreSep 14, 2020


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